“Taking the personality out of your home and letting the buyer envisage living in their new home”


Stylus Home Staging offers design services, that will help prepare, style and present your home for sale. We also offer a design service for when you have successfully sold your home and are moving into your new one.




Our Property Stylist will visit you and provide a detailed evaluation of your home.  This evaluation will include both inside and out and provide you with a detailed analysis of each room within your home.  Our Stylist will look at your home in the same way that a potential buyer would.  This comprehensive evaluation can take up to 2 hours or more, depending on the size of your home.

As our Property Stylist reviews your home, they may provide changes to some rooms so you can see how staging your home can really work.  It is extremely important that you take notes and make a checklist as the Stylist works through your home and at the end of the consultation, the Property Stylist will help you with your action plan and provide recommendations and prioritise your checklist.  Our Stylist will usually discuss with you, the first impressions of your home, the potential target market, clutter and storage, cleaning, furniture placement, colour schemes, painting, accessories and window decor.

You can then either decide to implement these changes on your own, or if you decide, Stylus Home Staging can also complete the project for you, taking the stress and hassle out of selling your home.




Stylus Home Staging offers “The Entire Package” which will take the stress and hassle away from you, while our Property Stylists complete the action plan and transform your home into the lifestyle the potential buyer can envisage themselves in.

Not only does “the Entire Package” include, all the services provided in the pre-sale package, our Property Stylist will arrange and organise the furniture rental, create a design that will work for your home, shop for accessories, attend and complete the installation of the design scheme for presentation.




Potential buyers find it hard to visualise themselves living in a vacant home.  They often think rooms look smaller and overall, the property does not feel inviting as it is just an empty shell. Vacant homes also tend to stay on the market longer and usually the price is reduced, however with a Property Stylist from Stylus Home Staging we will transform and design your vacant property into an inviting home that a potential buyer will fall in love with.

After taking measurements and photos of your vacant property, our Property Stylists will then make the furniture selections appropriate for the target market. We will then arrange for the rental furniture to be delivered and installed, allowing your property to be showcase ready for sale. We will also take care of the de-staging of the property.




After selling your property and moving into your new home, Stylus Home Staging can provide interior design ideas that will fit within your budget. If you need assistance with buying new furniture or accessories to suit your new home, or you need advice on paint colours, our experienced Property Stylists can assist.