Staging Helps Buyers Connect With An Empty House

Debra Gould, Staging Diva

Issue 68: May 2012 Staging Diva Dispatch

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to fall in love with empty rooms. It’s usually quite depressing walking through an empty property.

It looks lonely and forgotten and makes a perspective buyer wonder why the house is sitting there.

These thoughts inevitably become, “Perhaps someone got divorced, died, or ran into financial trouble? Perhaps they’re desperate to sell, which means I can write a low-ball offer or wait until the asking price drops?”

None of these ideas lead to warm and fuzzy “This is home, I have to live here!” feelings. The feelings that motivate a perspective buyer to make a solid offer now versus later.

In other words, putting a vacant home on the market is almost guaranteed to leave money on the table.

New Staging Diva Graduate Katrina Gibbons of Stylus Home Staging (Brisbane) shares a terrific example of how much more desirable a staged home looks than a vacant one.

Which living room would you make an emotional connection with?
Which living room would catch your eye on an MLS listing?
Which room looks bigger?







Photos of living room staging by Katrina Gibbons, who writes, “My client’s Realtor had been telling her for months that she needed to stage her vacant home, and I convinced her to do it.”
Katrina Gibbons shares her personal experience about what it’s like being a home stager:

“Creating Stylus Home Staging has allowed me to work from home while raising two young children. Having a home business that I am really passionate about enables me to structure my business hours around my busy family life. Plus I get to use my creativity to help home owners.
The Staging Diva Program showed me how to correctly establish my business and taught me how to talk to clients with more confidence. It also helped in my pricing structure, website, social media and marketing.”