Views don’t just sell your home!

After attending over 10 open homes on the weekend all of which were priced between $700K and $2.8 million, one common theme was evident. Not ONE of these homes were staged. It was fairly disappointing actually that the home owners just assumed because of the location of their home and the million dollar views they didn’t need to de-clutter, clean or style their home for sale.

One home in particular that really stood out was one that had been on and off the market since December 2011 and is currently listed at $2.8 million. Yes the views were absolutely phenomenal and picturesque, however this five bedroom, 4 bathroom home was consumed with personal clutter. There were religious artifacts, lots of small ornaments in the living room, large family photos that consumed every wall in every room within the house, cushions that were unkept, paper, letters and other clutter in the office and each bathroom could have used a decent clean. The home had no personality and was not inviting, in fact it felt as though the home owners couldn’t let go of their home.

While it was obvious that every attempt was made to clean the home and leave it neat and tidy, it has to be questioned, if you are wanting such a large amount of money for your home, then why wouldn’t you make the small investment to have a professional property stylist present your home and compliment the million dollar panoramic view?!