First impressions also count for your website

As Property Stylists we cannot stress the importance of styling and staging your home for sale. Creating that sense of belonging and being able to tell a story with furniture and accessories is something that is required when making the first impression. After all having a beautifully presented home is a must when creating aspirational spaces. Not only is it extremely important to have a stylishly decorating home for sale, but it is also a must when creating and designing a website for your business.

When we set out to find a website designer, we obviously began our search on line. We started reviewing other Property Stylists’ websites. What we found was that there were some good ones, some not so good ones and some amazing, stylish easy to use websites that had fantastic content.

Then the search began for a website designer and WOW, there are so many to choose from, all with varying prices and capabilities. After several weeks of research and numerous calls with website companies we excitedly settled with Adam Luttrell of Shift Branding International.

Right from our very first conversation, we knew that Adam was the right choice. We provided him with our expectations and of course what we envisaged for our website. We wanted, functionality and a contemporary, stylish, classy, smart looking site that would work with our logo and reflect what home staging is all about.

Well not only did Adam produce our amazing website, but we can honestly say that the process was fun and very easy. Adam is professional, experienced and listened to our needs, he is timely and proficient. He has also provided outstanding followup and training on our website. And not to mention we didn’t pay a fortune either.

Yes you can create your own website to try and save some money, however like home staging, investing into the design of your website by contracting a professional designer who knows all about SEO’s, keywords, metatags, html coding etc, is a small investment to make for your business and not to mention a time saver.

Having a professionally designed website is a must for this type of industry after all, a great looking website represents your businesses’ image and you, as a Property Stylist!

THANK YOU Adam for our fabulous website and we look forward to staying in touch in the future.