The all important “curb appeal”

The all important curb appeal and is it really that important?!  Some argue that it is, while some say it isn’t.

Presenting and styling the inside of your home is a must if you want to sell your home quickly and for more money, and that too goes for the outside of your home.

Creating that all important “curb appeal” is just as important as decorating the inside of your home for sale.  When selling your home you want it to stand out from the others in your neighbourhood, after all a potential buyer will drive past your property before even taking a look inside.  If it has “curb appeal” then buyers will think that you have taken good care of your home and they will want to view the inside of it.

Basically you should treat your home like a book.  The outside of your home is the cover and the inside is the story.  If you love the cover you will want to read whats inside.

To create that fabulous curb appeal is not hard.  Make sure your gardens are nicely pruned, the grass is cut, pathways are clear, windows and doors are cleaned.  These are just a few simple things you can do to create that great look.  Depending on the season you can even add a little colour by planting plants that have beautiful flowers.

It is true, first impressions count and by having great curb appeal will only invite that potential buyer into your home!!