A few tips for preparing your home for sale.

Here are a few tips for preparing your home for sale. Organise and de-clutter your walk-in robes and your cupboards.  Buyers always look inside.  The last thing they want is to have things falling out on top of them.

If you have a walk in robe, then colour coordinate your clothes & use the same colour hangers. You can use fun decorative storage boxes to hide your personal items.  Property Styling Just by doing these few simple things shows that you are organised and enhances the space!

You should also organise your bathroom and ensuite cupboards.  Store all your personal items like your toiletries, cosmetics & cleaning products put them in a basket.  You can then place this into your cupboard right before your open home.

Remove bathmats, bath toys, bins and scales and make sure the toilet lid is down.  Also have nice matching towels and and hang them neatly.

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Adding Colour to Your Home

It’s no secret that colour has a psychological impact on us. In fact, some of the nation’s most successful companies have shovelled out big bucks to find the colour combination that would stimulate the exact response they wanted from customers. Ever wonder why McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Wendy’s all feature the colour red prominently in their logos? It’s because this colour provokes hunger and excitement. Meanwhile, colours like black, white, silver and gold are often the choice of luxury brands like Chanel and Prada because these imply sophistication, according to the Huffington Post. Your home decor can likewise have a positive effect with some attention to a small colour palette.

Property Styling Lounge Room

Stylus Home Staging Lounge Room

Choose Personal Over Trendy

Trends come and go, but your personal taste tends to stick around much longer. However, make sure to keep a balance of your color choices to avoid going overboard. Interior designer Mary DeWalt recommends choosing one neutral color and two accent colors to apply to every room, according to Houzz.com. For example, your house might have a neutral background of beige with dark wood, with blue and green hues to accent this style.

Don’t Be Meticulous

Matchy-matchy is out, so remember that you don’t have to be especially meticulous about the design in your home. For example, you can allow the home office to maintain its neutral appeal and leave the attic alone. If there happen to be a few more neutral colors represented in the room, such as white blinds and doors, don’t sweat it. Work with what you can. There is a certain artistic element to the design and meticulous attention to color can make it too scientific.

Metals and Mirrors

Redesigning your home is a time-consuming experience, and it might not always be practical to find design elements that perfectly fit the palette you’ve created. That’s why it’s always good to choose metals and mirrors whenever possible, since these materials have a way of blending with their environment. For example, stick with silver appliances in the kitchen, decorative mirrors in the family room, and novelty items like metal bowls to have a few items that are guaranteed to perfectly reflect the design of the room.

Only Vary Colors By a Single Shade

You can’t just choose “yellow” as your palette of choice and then mix mustards with neons. However, it’s only reasonable that you’ll have to step outside the bounds of a single shade. But when you do have to, try not to extend more than a single shade lighter or darker than the color you’ve selected. Have a reason for the variation, too. For example, the master bathroom can be a shade lighter than the master bedroom to create a light, airiness that’s signature of bathroom design.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

Although you don’t have to redesign your backyard quite as extensively, it can be nice to incorporate your color scheme to have a cohesive effect. Install matching tile to your pool or patio, to maintain a subtle connection to your interior theme. Mostly, it’s important for the exterior not to clash with the interior. So if you originally had bright red outdoor furniture, switch them out for more neutral hues to maintain your design.

Property Presentation outdoor

Stylus Home Staging Outdoor Entertaining


With every home design, feel free to bend the rules a little. Remember that this project is an artistic one, so use your creative intuition to apply design elements to your home. Try to make your work as easy on yourself as possible by determining what colors you tend to be most attracted to. If blue seems to be a common theme in your wardrobe choices, it might be a good option for your home as well.

Adding Colour to Your Home decor can have a positive effect with some attention to a small colour palette…At Stylus Home Staging we  use a splash colour in every Property Styling project.


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Victoria Hewitt

An eye for decorating has never stopped Victoria from pursuing more meaningful endeavors. She spends at least 25 percent of her interior design profits investing in green technologies. As a mum, she knows how important it is to ensure a healthy future for tomorrow’s children.

Preparing your Garden for Winter

While there is still plenty of sunshine around, winter is not far away. Now is the best time to prepare your garden and property for the colder temperatures and weather that will soon be coming. It is a good idea to prepare your property before winter arrives as you do not want to be stuck working outside in windy and rainy conditions. Here are a few tasks that you can complete during autumn in preparation for the cooler season ahead.

photo by rebamex

Keep Your Lawn Under Control

As the weather cools down and the rain starts again, your lawn will burst into life with the wonderful mix of sunshine and water. You will need to mow your lawn more frequently now which means plenty of exercise (except for those lucky enough to own ride on lawn mowers.) Make sure you wear appropriate protective gear to help prevent injury. Be sure to dispose of your lawn clippings in an appropriate manner – some councils offer green waste bins or regular verge collections. You could also start a compost bin in your back yard.

Plant the Winter Veg

With the price of fruit and vegetables increasing at super markets, growing your own vegetables in your back yard is a cheaper and fun way to get nutritious food. It is a fantastic learning experience for kids and will help them to understand and appreciate where their food comes from. You should research what vegetables are best planted now and stick to seasonal varieties. Your local nursery will be able to provide you with all of the information you need to start your own vegetable garden.

Trim Dangerous Branches

Winter storms can bring strong winds and heavy rain and damage houses, fences and cars. Now is a good time to trim any potentially dangerous branches to prevent any nasty accidents happening in the future. You can trim small branches yourself but larger trees should be looked at by professional tree surgeons. Many local council will request that branches near power lines be removed in order to prevent wires from being broken during a storm.

Clean Up the Garden

general clean up of the garden, including putting away loose objects and covering piles of wood, is best done now before the wind and rain arrives. Loose objects can cause a lot of destruction during storms. This includes outdoor furniture or children’s toys that might be out in the garden. It is a good idea to cover any bikes, barbecues and furniture that can be damaged in wet conditions. You should also clear out your gutters periodically during autumn to prevent water from building up and entering your house through the eaves.

Preparing your home and property now while the weather is still enjoyable is the best way to ensure your home will survive the wet season and you won’t have to worry about broken windows or blocked drain pipes in the middle of a winter storm!


Authored by Stefani Harris

Stefani is a writer by night, but in the a.m., she slings coffee and cake at a shop in North Adelaide, SA. She’s loves games and a good cup of coffee.